Album: Shapes of Silence

Produced by: Shape Zed
Piano by: Eri Saito
Mastered by: Shape Zed

Release date: July 7, 2015

Shapes of Silence is my first collaboration album. It contains my original jazz composition Inward Silence, and three electronic re-interpretations by beat producer Shape Zed.

 Copyright © Eri Saito 2015

Album: Dear My Life

Composed by: Eri Saito

Played by: Eri Saito

Mastered by: George Trksak

Release Date: April 1, 2015

Dear My Life is my first album, where I reflect on my life since leaving my family and friends in Japan to go live in the United States. The emotions I expresses through my music relate to my relationship with my family, having to move forward with my life, and supporting my loved ones from afar. I hope this album will sooth others and provide optimism in their lives.

Check out some of my full original tracks!

Buy it now on Amazon MP3, iTunes, and CDBaby!

Buy it now on Amazon MP3, iTunes, and CDBaby!

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Composer | Pianist

Eri Saito